About Us


Hi there. We’re Jacqui and Dave. Years ago, we were just two crazy college kids who haphazardly met in a living room while listening to music. You could say that was a life-changing moment.

For us, music has always been more than background ambiance. It’s an experience we crave and cherish. We also believe it connects people in ways that are meaningful and universal. Through Parlor & Patio, we hope to foster some new experiences and connections by bringing friends, community and traveling artists together in a listening room environment.

Purposely small so you can hear the music in its truest form, our gatherings of around 20-40 folks are by invite only and designed to support the artists who live by the music they make. It’s a great way to be an active participant in the music and meet new friends in the process.

We hope you’ll take us up on our invitation to share some time together and support original music. We can’t promise that you’ll meet your soulmate in our living room, but we have a good hunch that your soul will find a little piece of happy within our space.



the parlor