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We love having people stop by for a bit of song, story and connection.

You help support the artist, we’ll supply the listening room and coffee. Or tea. It’s all good.

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06.07 Jesse Terry

When we say music connects, we aren’t kidding. We feel blessed to have connected with Jesse and we can’t wait to host him for a most lovely evening of music, stories and laughter. The magic of a June night will provide the perfect energy for this true talent and kind soul.

"Jesse's sweet, smooth voice takes you to another place. You'll come back to reality with his songs stuck in your head and heart."

Liz Longley - singer/songwriter/troubadour

“Beautifully crafted songs from a master singer-songwriter. A joy to play on my radio show with great reaction from listeners. Jesse deserves to be up there with the likes of James Taylor & Jackson Browne”

Paddy MacDee - BBC Radio Newcastle

“I have been a fan of Jesse Terry since the first time I heard him. He's a humble - and humbling - talent.”

Tony Arata - Singer/Songwriter & 2012 Inductee of Songwriters Hall of Fame


09.27 Brett Newski

Save the date! More info soon.

RD High Noon jan18 no1.jpeg

10.12 Ritt & Wilder Deitz

Save the date! More info soon.


11.16 Daniel Martin Moore

Save the date. More info soon.

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